Day 77: Ontario, OR to Ogden, UT

Driving, Driving, Driving...

Caution... Construction Zone...Slow Down to 70!

Today was a beautiful day for a drive-- bright, sunny, and not a hint of rain or snow anywhere along our path.  That was a good thing, as we pretty much spent the whole day driving except for short stops to feed ourselves and/or M.

We split the fun work today with Bob taking the first leg, and me taking the second.  We began the day in Ontario, but quickly left Oregon for Idaho-- within the first 10 minutes of driving.  We then learned that the speed limit on I-84 in Idaho is 80 mph-- and Bob and M were pleased.

We did run into quite a bit of construction, but as you can see from the main picture in Idaho (and Utah too) you are forced to slow down to all of 70 mph to protect those construction workers.

You'll have noticed from the video that the drive was pretty boring, with large expanses of open space and mountains in the background. (We love those mountains-- as they mean home!)  

We also noticed that Idaho and Utah look pretty much the same and we still can't figure out when exactly we crossed the border.  At one point Bob noticed that the state route signs were using the beehive symbol, and that we were thus in Utah.

Regardless of which one of us was doing the driving, M was having great fun with the speed limits on the road-- you give that car an inch and she wants to take a mile!  But, we largely kept her under control, though there were quite a number of trucks to get around. (You'll notice two such instances in the video-- they were taken while I was driving and Bob was trying-- completely unsuccessfully--to catch me in a Jersey Swerve.)

He also unsuccessfully attempted to catch me speeding-- but I was every so casually having none of it, and was obeying the speed limit on the money the whole time (or at least there is no evidence to prove otherwise.)

A Well Placed Thumb Tells No Tales

With no distractions or stops (we passed up 3-- yes 3 automobile/plane museums along the way) we did make it to our hotel in Ogden, UT by 4:30 and with the sun still shining.

There was a movie theater across the street, so we decided to go see the new Blade Runner (in 3D). The movie was fun (especially if you remember the 1982 original), though there is no reason at all to see it in 3D, it would have been exactly the same experience without wearing those silly glasses. 

Tomorrow we get up bright and early and complete the drive back home to Conifer, CO for the very last day of our Great Alaska Adventure.  We decided to take I-80 through Wyoming instead of I-70 through Colorado, because though the latter is far more scenic, the former is, according to Google, about an hour quicker.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a final post.


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