Day 48: Still on the Ferry

A Stop in Ketchikan

Ferry Wake
Today is another day on the ferry.  When we woke up and looked out the window we were completed socked-in.  However, not long after it cleared, and the day was bright and sunny and about 60 degrees-- everything you could ask for when on a boat.

Here is a view out our window this morning once the sun came out:

Out Our Cabin Window

And with such views, we decided to go up on deck and enjoy the weather.  Here is a short video of watching the ferry cut through the water.

And here are some pictures Bob took from up on deck:

View from the side of the boat, coming into Ketchikan

A boat next to our boat

A really cool house outside Ketchikan

Coming into Ketchikan

As I'm typing this we are just about docking in Ketchikan, which is why I am posting this now before we head out to sea and I lose all semblance of a signal. Our plan is to walk into town-- I think we will have about an hour--and stock up on some more provisions.

Then it is straight on to Bellingham with no more stops.

If I get a signal tomorrow I'll post again.


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