Day 47: On the Ferry

Posted During a Stop in Sitka

From Stern of Ferry, During Stop in Sitka, AK

I’m writing and posting this during a 2 hour stop in Sitka.  

The ferry docked in Sitka, AK

The only place with a strong enough signal to get it done is the very top deck at the stern of the boat—where everyone goes to camp.  Here it is.

(Open-air camping area on the ferry.  Yes that piece of yellow circle demarks a helipad.)

Just picture me on one of those plastic chairs writing and posting this.  The views are distracting enough that I need to keep my attention focused on the screen, while hoping that the signal stays strong enough to download everything.

Another view from the rear deck of the ferry.

As promised, here is a view of the cabin itself (please disregard the mess).

Our cabin on the ferry.

It really does have amazing views—if it weren’t so nice out (the weather has cleared in Sitka and it is nice and sunny and warm now), we would never have to leave our cabin to get great views like this one from this morning, when the weather wasn’t yet so nice:

View from our ferry cabin window
These videos will give you a better feel.  Bob took the first one from the top bunk looking out the double window, and I took the second one standing right in front of the window.

And finally, the day wouldn’t be complete without cranes.  Here is a picture of the 3 on the Sitka dock.

Three Cranes on the Sitka Dock

Until tomorrow or the next signal, whichever comes first….


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