Day 16: Watson Lake to Whitehorse

A Lisa-Sized Cottage In the Woods

Bob in Tiny Town (Our Fuzzy Crocus Cabin)

We began our day in Watson Lake, YT this morning, and made the uneventful, but pretty drive on the Alaska Highway to Whitehorse, YT.  Bob drove today, and of course we ran into almost no construction and the roads were largely free of loose gravel.

Drive from Watson Lake, YT to Whitehorse, YT

M was happy because she started her day with a full tank of Premium gas. (She was suffering a bit of indigestion, as we were forced to feed her a few gallons of Regular yesterday because that was all we could get between Fort Nelson and Whitehorse.)

Here are some highlights from the drive.

We arrived in Whitehorse at about 3PM, which was far too early to check in to our cabin. So, we headed downtown for some lunch-- and had a really good one at the Burnt Toast Cafe.

After lunch we stopped in at a local quilt shop and picked up some special Whitehorse, YT dyed material and unique indigenous pattern for Bob's Aunt Barbie. (Barb-- don't expect it too soon, we can't mail it until we hit Alaska.)  The shop owner was concerned that the pattern might be too complicated for her, but Bob whipped out a photo of Barbie's "Best In Show" quilt to ease her fears. "That is one talented woman" the shop owner exclaimed, "she won't have any trouble with this pattern."

Our next stop was the local grocery store to lay in provisions for our three night stay at the Sundog Retreat-- which is about 20 miles outside Whitehorse.  I am so thrilled to be able to ditch the local restaurants and start cooking again.

Bob was tickled to see that in Canada, McDonald's special sauce isn't so special-- a bottle can be yours for $3.99 (Canadian).

Special Sauce is apparently worth only $3.99 in Canada

Shopping done, we headed for our cabin-- the Fuzzy Crocus.  It is indeed located in the woods in the middle of nowhere.  A very peaceful setting.

However, when we arrived we were both quite amused to find that the cabin was most definitely Lisa-sized, and not at all meant for Bob's.  (Perhaps the same architect built this one as built the Goldfarb Teaneck House-- Bob notes that it would definitely not meet US building code.)

Here is M sitting beside it.

M Gets a Rest at the Sundog Retreat
And, here it is from the front.

Fuzzy Crocus Cabin, Sundog Retreat

All looks normal, right?  Not so fast.  Here is Bob standing next to that front door.  

Duck to Enter!

Here he is in the doorway between the kitchen and the living room.

Bob-- Watch Your Head!

And, here he is trying to look out the window.

Window, What Window?

Bob swears the outside doors are 5' 8", and that the inside beams and archways are just under 6'.  He is gong to be ducking all weekend.  I however am quite at home and very pleased to be able to reach all of the top shelves and to store things on top of the refrigerator.

Plus, the views from the cabin are spectacular.

This one is out the kitchen window, while sitting at the kitchen table.

View from the Fuzzy Crocus Cabin Kitchen Window

This one is taken while lying down on the bed.

View from our Bed in the Fuzzy Crocus Cabin

We are in Aurora Borealis  country, and would have a great view it was active. But, unfortunately the forecast is too cloudy and we are unlikely to see anything spectacular. Though you never know...if we do you'll see it here.

Now I'm off to cook dinner, and we will have a quiet rest of evening just hanging out.


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